The Four Different Dimensions In Training Your Brain

When we discuss about taking care of our overall health, some experts explain that we should think about it as four different components: physical exercise, brain training, nutrition and new age medicine (think about stress, meditation or mindfulness for example).

People usually have a good understanding of the importance of physical exercise and nutrition. The concept of new age medicine is more difficult to grasp as it covers a wide range of different therapies and practices. But what about the brain and mental health? How can we better define them without entering in a very neuroscientific jargon? What needs to be assessed and trained to get a complete and effective exercise?

There are four important dimensions that are important to tackle when promoting good mental health. We can define them as cognition, emotion, intelligence and last but not least, thoughts.

To get a proper assessment of your current brain health, you need to understand where you stand from a cognitive, emotional, intelligence and thinking level. All these dimensions are interlinked.

Studies have shown that your ability level in one of these dimensions can greatly affect your capacity in another. For example, having a low capacity to focus (cognitive level) makes it difficult to perform well on a test (intelligence level) which can in turn create anxiety (emotional level). The thinking level is then impacted as a bad score could generate a number of negative thoughts (reinforcing the poor emotional state).

It is therefore important to get a full view of these different levels in order to achieve a relevant and useful assessment of yourself. When this is done, you can then find the right solutions for the dimensions that need it the most.

With CogniFit, we cover the cognitive and emotional part. We want to help people understand where they stand cognitively and offer them some useful and entertaining training. We also want to offer the possibility for our users to better express and track their emotional state. Famous IQ tests exist to assess and measure “intelligence”. Some other techniques let you better capture and manipulate your own thoughts.

By getting a better understanding of your brain mechanisms, you can discover new elements about yourself. That realization could lead you to the willingness to improve the aspects that you feel are the most critical. This is the reason why CogniFit’s motto is “Discover and Improve Yourself”.