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Watched Transcendence starring Johnny Depp.

Even if the movie has not received the best reviews from critics and has been a bomb in the box office, I still believe it is quite an interesting movie to watch. The subjects of the singularity and the exponential rate of technological change in our society are going to become important topics of conversation in the years ahead.

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Watched Maleficient starring Angelina Jolie.

Based on the original Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty” of 1959, the film is a great adaptation of the story with a modern twist, great visuals and wonderful characters.

Watched the new Godzilla movie.

Not a bad movie but a bit too far fetched even for the genre.

Watched “The Wolf of Wall Street”.

Great movie. The film is not only fun, it also depicts relatively well the ups and downs of Wall Street by exploring subjects such as greed and excess.

Watched the Great Gatsby. 

Really nice movie. The photography and costumes are incredible. The story is nice even if the film is sometimes a bit long.

Watched ‘42’. Great movie.

‘42’ is the only uniform number retired by all baseball teams in honor of Jackie Robinson. 

Watched the movie “Olympus has fallen”.

Even if the story is exceedingly unrealistic, it remains overall a good action movie. 

Watched “The Call” starring Halle Berry.

Quite an intense movie. I found interesting the background the movie provide on the people who actually have to answer to all the 911 calls. A relatively stressful and difficult job.

Watched the movie Les Misérables.

A really great and different movie. The visuals are spectacular, the music is engaging and the lyrics well written. The movie is slightly long but if you link the genre, you will truly enjoy it.

Watched Silver Linings Playbook. A great and funny movie to watch.