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Release of the CogniFit brain training website in Turkish.

We have just released the CogniFit brain training website in Turkish. CogniFit is now available in 13 languages.

The CogniFit team is very happy today to be able to offer our brain fitness and cognitive abilities training programs in Turkey.

Enjoy it!

New study of CogniFit shows how individuals gain significant cognitive benefits when brain training for long periods of time.

We published this morning an interesting study which shows how the benefits you gain when brain training are only increasing over time rather than reaching a plateau after a couple of months.

After 6 months of consistent training, all the users show a significant improvement in at least one cognitive skills. Much like the gym, the more consistent you are with your brain training, the more results you’ll get. 

You can read the full press release here

We have published a new study this morning that finds that young men have a strong cognitive advantage over young women. CogniFit also found that as men and women grow older, men lose their cognitive advantage faster.

This is an interesting study as it can help us better understand the cognitive decline among genders and find more effective solutions. It also could help predict cardiovascular risk by better monitoring the decrease in  cognitive abilities

You can read the press release here.