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CogniFit collaborates with Shaklee for MindWorks, a new revolutionary product that is designed to nourish the brain.

Find more information here.

CogniFit launches a dedicated brain fitness platform for schools.

Happy to announce an additional and important layer to our brain fitness offering with a dedicated cognitive tool for schools and instructors. 

You can find more information on this new platform on the CogniFit’s blog or get started directly on CogniFit for Schools.

Release of the new 2.0 CogniFit Brain Fitness app for iPhone.

Very happy to announce that the CogniFit team has launched today a totally new version of our Brain Fitness app. The app has been redesigned from the ground up for iOS 7 and comes with many new features to offer the most effective brain training experience.

You can read more about this release on the CogniFit’s blog and you can download the new Brain Fitness iPhone app on the iTunes Store today for free.

Keep your brain sharp and CogniFit for this new year and the future.

As much as it is important to be healthy and physically active, it is quite important to also take care of your brain, cognition and mental health.

Much like the body, the brain needs to be constantly exercised and challenged in order to maintain strong cognitive skills such as a good memory, concentration or attention.

Your brain is malleable. By doing the proper exercises, you can easily assess you current level and train the abilities which might be weak. It takes just an hour a week in average and it can be done with CogniFit just in front of your computer or mobile phone. It is relatively simple.

Great video review of CogniFit in Spanish by El Tiempo.

Talking about the growing market for brain training applications that help you keep your mind sharp on CCTV.

CogniFit launches three new brain training tasks to improve orientation and sense of direction.

The new brain exercises help individuals train their ability to perceive and react to the size, distance and depth aspects of their daily environment and sport activities.

You can find more information here.

Launch of the Bayer - CogniFit partnership in Mexico.

Very happy to announce the launch of the first available online brain training tool specially developed for patients with Multiple Sclerosis in collaboration with Bayer in Mexico .

You can find more information about this collaboration here on Bayer’s website (in Spanish). 

Interview of CogniFit’s Chief Scientist, Dr. Evelyn Shatil, on Financial Sense.

You can listen to her analysis of brain training here (beginning approximately 28 minutes into the segment).

Launch of the CogniFit site in Russian.

Very happy today with the launch of the CogniFit brain training website in Russian. We are constantly adding new languages as we want a maximum of people to be able to enjoy our online brain training solutions.

You can access the CogniFit russian website here.