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Mr. Slim Shady #eminem (at Rose Bowl Stadium)

First real rodeo (at Oc Fair / Costa Mesa)

Watched Transcendence starring Johnny Depp.

Even if the movie has not received the best reviews from critics and has been a bomb in the box office, I still believe it is quite an interesting movie to watch. The subjects of the singularity and the exponential rate of technological change in our society are going to become important topics of conversation in the years ahead.

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The constant update.

Time have changed and more than ever, the interval between updates for products and services are increasingly shorter. Companies need to come with new products and/or marketing campaigns on a much faster pace. We are increasingly impatient and our attention span is shorter. The culture of this fast paced world creates a vicious circle where our expectations for speed have reach new heights forcing suppliers and creators to constantly accelerate developments. A self-fulfilling prophecy.

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Launch of The Locker Room, LimitX’s blog.

As part of the upcoming release of LimitX, the team has just created a new blog in order to update users about the development, gather feedback and share different stories of the daily operations inside the company.

LimitX intends to develop online solutions for the sport industry. More details will come soon as the team releases its first version.

CogniFit launches a dedicated brain fitness platform for schools.

Happy to announce an additional and important layer to our brain fitness offering with a dedicated cognitive tool for schools and instructors. 

You can find more information on this new platform on the CogniFit’s blog or get started directly on CogniFit for Schools.

Risk everything!


U.S. Navy uses CogniFit

Pilot fatigue has long been a concern. It has been a problem and a threat to the safety and effectiveness of military and civil transportation. It is the most frequently cited physiological factor contributing to the occurrence of U.S. Naval Aviation flight mishaps. To predict the risks associated with fatigue the aviation industry generally uses tool called “biomathematical models”. Researchers from the United States Navy found that the predictive ability of these tools was significantly improved with the addition of a cognitive program from CogniFit.

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The World Cup is finally coming! Your predictions?

This is one of the most exciting period in years as we are getting ready to see what is probably the biggest and most followed sport competition in the planet, the Soccer World Cup starting Thursday in Brazil.

Everybody always tries to give a prediction on the winner. The famous scientist Stephen Hawking even unveiled his winning formula for the English team. Goldman Sachs predicted that Brazil will win and offered a detailed analysis on the possible results. Famous Chelsea coach Mourhino predicts (with a bit of humor) that the final would be England - Portugal.

The organizing country has usually the best odds but this competition will be interesting as there are many other strong contenders such as Spain (the current champion), Argentina, Portugal, England, Germany and evidently Italy. France and Netherlands could also do something and maybe we get a surprise from another nation.

Still, in the past editions, it has always been one of the favorites countries that won. This edition should not be different. I will bet on Brazil or Spain.

Great car but for those like me who are obsessed with technology, it will unfortunately lack support for the new iOS 8 (a serious dilemma😊)