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Risk everything!


U.S. Navy uses CogniFit

Pilot fatigue has long been a concern. It has been a problem and a threat to the safety and effectiveness of military and civil transportation. It is the most frequently cited physiological factor contributing to the occurrence of U.S. Naval Aviation flight mishaps. To predict the risks associated with fatigue the aviation industry generally uses tool called “biomathematical models”. Researchers from the United States Navy found that the predictive ability of these tools was significantly improved with the addition of a cognitive program from CogniFit.

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The World Cup is finally coming! Your predictions?

This is one of the most exciting period in years as we are getting ready to see what is probably the biggest and most followed sport competition in the planet, the Soccer World Cup starting Thursday in Brazil.

Everybody always tries to give a prediction on the winner. The famous scientist Stephen Hawking even unveiled his winning formula for the English team. Goldman Sachs predicted that Brazil will win and offered a detailed analysis on the possible results. Famous Chelsea coach Mourhino predicts (with a bit of humor) that the final would be England - Portugal.

The organizing country has usually the best odds but this competition will be interesting as there are many other strong contenders such as Spain (the current champion), Argentina, Portugal, England, Germany and evidently Italy. France and Netherlands could also do something and maybe we get a surprise from another nation.

Still, in the past editions, it has always been one of the favorites countries that won. This edition should not be different. I will bet on Brazil or Spain.

Great car but for those like me who are obsessed with technology, it will unfortunately lack support for the new iOS 8 (a serious dilemma😊)

Wonderful weekend in Newport Beach and Laguna Beach.

Warren Buffet

Great commencement speech and lessons for life and business from an ex-Navy Seal.

Watched Maleficient starring Angelina Jolie.

Based on the original Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty” of 1959, the film is a great adaptation of the story with a modern twist, great visuals and wonderful characters.

The European dream is broken but not dead.

This weekend, europeans voted for the European Parliament election. Among other news, the results showed a significant increase of the representation of the far right in the EU parliament. In France for example, and for the first time ever, the far right even came out as winner in front of the two historical (and more moderate) parties.  

This is worrisome as it brings to power a large number of extreme parties, which are not usually favorable to the European ideal (the idea of creating a large, unified and borderless European block). Regardless of political beliefs, the main issue with those results is that the European project is already too advanced to really make significant changes to it (like axing the Euro). Having elected politicians who are now Eurosceptic doesn’t seem to offer, in the near future, the required governance for constructive decisions or progress. Europe is going to lose precious time; time it can’t afford on the global stage.

The results of this election are in large part explained by the current economic situation prevailing in many european countries. High unemployment, non-existing growth and rising insecurity lead citizens to vote for the extremes. This is also the expression of a profound dissatisfaction (and historically, we know how dangerous this can be).

The real problem for Europe today is to be in an “in-between situation”. Many operating aspects of the Union are still in the oversight of individual countries (e.g. fiscal laws). There is not yet a real, single European leader. Countries keep constantly negotiating exceptions for themselves. Culturally, individuals feel closer to their national origin than to a European ideal. All these will be hard to change.

Until Europeans accept to give away broad national powers to the Union, the EU will have a hard time realizing all of its potential or solving its economic problems in the first place. To succeed, the EU needs to leverage more efficiently the power of its block and this is unlikely to happen with the new elected parliament. 

Still, as economic cycles come and go naturally, we can only hope that better times in the future will lead citizens to move back to a vision of a more integrated, peaceful and geo-politically useful Europe. This is not going to happen soon but somehow the EU is here to stay. Why therefore not make the best out of it?

The Yin & Yang of life.

We all experience good and more challenging moments in our daily life. Life  offers this intrinsic duality. Being aware of it can help us make the best of it.

The idea is to leverage both sides as well as we can in order to stay balanced. This is hard but important. The whole is greater than the parts as those forces are complementary rather than antagonistic.