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Beautiful picture from Iceland for Earth Day.

Great talk today by Jeff Pulver at the Venture Hive incubator in Miami.

Jeff is inspiring and always reminds entrepreneurs that what’s important is to live the present moment and act.

How an increase in Internet speed might foster new applications and services online.

The current Internet speeds we have at home will rapidly increase in the coming years to reach download speed of over 1 Gbps (this can be up to 100 times the current broadband speed).

Couple of years ago, many websites and online services were slow on computers (let’s not even talk about cell phones) but today, broadband users and smartphones enjoy a relatively good service for even the most demanding contents (for example videos).  

The question remains to see if the exponential increase in Internet speed in the coming years will create by itself new services and applications that were not possible with current Internet speed. It is clear that having a videoconference on Skype will feel more “natural” at higher speeds but will new online services come to life only because of the improvements of existing networks?

We can only imagine that faster Internet speeds, when coupled with significant progress in other technologies, will eventuality lead to new innovations and shape new online habits.  The “wait and see” approach might definitively get outdated…

Charles Caleb Colton

April is one of the best time to be in Miami. Happy Easter!

Beautiful and extremely rare “blood moon” visible tonight in the Los Angeles sky.

The phenomenon known as “tetrad” gives the moon a red glow as it receives the refracted light that spills over the Earth’s circumference.

We will have the chance to see three more of these eclipses in the coming months with the last one in September 2015.

The next tetrad will be in 2032 so you might want to see this now!

TechCrunch meetups in Los Angeles.

Nice event where 10 companies where invited for a 60 seconds pitch. Plenty of people showed up in LA and nice ideas where presented.

John D. Rockefeller, Jr.

Great fun this morning with a trampoline session at Sky Zone. After more than a decade not jumping on a trampoline, this is quite a workout…

Greatness is often found at the intersection of expertise.

Today more than ever, it is key for our professional development to be a “specialist”. Companies are often looking for individuals who can perform at their best in their specific function and who can be considered as expert. This reinforces the simple idea that you should try to be the best at what you do and this obviously requires a large degree of specialization and focus.

On the other hand, when analyzing the most successful and innovative individuals and companies, we often find that “greatness” arises at the intersections of several and distinct competencies. By mashing expertise, personalities and experiences, innovation takes place. Diversity has become one of the core attribute of a successful organization.

It is therefore key for organizations to search and retain individuals who have a strong expertise in their field of work but who can also demonstrate a capacity to collaborate effectively with individuals with various backgrounds and personalities. One way to spot such individuals is to look at their work history and see if they have been capable to successfully work for different industries and in different positions throughout their career.

Finding individuals who have demonstrated a capacity to be agile while acquiring mastery in different domains is a big plus. Such collaborators will usually have an easier time to adapt to their new environment, foster innovation and bring fresh perspectives to an existing business. You want to find people with a strong sense of curiosity and interest for others’ work for the communication to flow efficiently. 

At the end and as usual, it is a question of balance. We need to have the right expertise and level of specialization but also present diversity in our profile to have the chance to become a unique talent.