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Visit of the Getty Villa.

Great example of a fabulous corporate culture.

Beatles tribute at the Hollywood Bowl.

CogniFit collaborates with Shaklee for MindWorks, a new revolutionary product that is designed to nourish the brain.

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The Getty Center - Some culture in paradise (at The Getty Center)

Great video about chance in life and in business.

Mr. Slim Shady #eminem (at Rose Bowl Stadium)

First real rodeo (at Oc Fair / Costa Mesa)

Watched Transcendence starring Johnny Depp.

Even if the movie has not received the best reviews from critics and has been a bomb in the box office, I still believe it is quite an interesting movie to watch. The subjects of the singularity and the exponential rate of technological change in our society are going to become important topics of conversation in the years ahead.

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The constant update.

Time have changed and more than ever, the interval between updates for products and services are increasingly shorter. Companies need to come with new products and/or marketing campaigns on a much faster pace. We are increasingly impatient and our attention span is shorter. The culture of this fast paced world creates a vicious circle where our expectations for speed have reach new heights forcing suppliers and creators to constantly accelerate developments. A self-fulfilling prophecy.

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